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by Maya Reinfeldt, Community Engaged Intern

Spotlight series: The lands of the Ojibwe people span across southern Canada, the Northern Midwest and the Northern Plains of the United States. In working towards the Wisconsin Water Library’s goal of promoting Great Lakes Literacy, specifically, principle 6 (The Great Lakes and humans in their watersheds are inextricably interconnected), the recognition of Ojibwe cultural contributions is crucial. Only through respectfully and ethically preserving, valuing, and promoting Ojibwe artwork, stories, Traditional Ecological Knowledge and language can we fully begin to grasp the interconnectedness of the Great Lakes with the people who lived here long before European settlers colonized the land.

The following two creators are members of popular online communities known as BookTok and Bookstagram – essentially, they read, review, and recommend books and discuss relevant topics, issues and trends pertaining to literature today! As a library, of course, one of our main focuses is on books and literature, which makes us enthusiastic to spotlight these two invaluable voices of the online literature community.

Sasha, @anishinaabekwereads on Instagram: Sasha provides detailed, insightful reviews of contemporary books, with an intentional focus on Indigenous literature

Melissa Blair, @melissas.bookshelf on TikTok: Melissa reviews and recommends books, shares engaging thoughts on popular literary tropes and trends and is the author of A Broken Blade

@melissas.bookshelf Follow for more Indigenous recs 😉 #books #bookrec #booktok #diversebooks #bipocbooks #indigenous ♬ original sound – Melissa Blair