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Celebrating Wisconsin Like a Naturalist

by Maya Reinfeldt, Library Assistant This summer learn about Wisconsin’s natural past, present and future and the people involved in studying and caring for it. Enjoy books about our state’s flora and fauna, Indigenous knowledge and ethics and about our...

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Dive into Shipwrecks!

SELECT READS (for kids) – GREAT LAKES SHIPWRECKS The Christmas Tree Ship: The Story of Captain Santa by Rochelle Pennington. Door Peninsula Shipwrecks by Jon Paul Van Harpen Great Lakes Shipwrecks & Survivals by William Ratigan Great Ships on the...

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Megan’s Reading List

Hello readers! I am Megan Nayar and I am the student education assistant for Wisconsin Sea Grant. Since winter is not giving up its grip this year, I found some reading suggestions to sustain you until the thaw comes and...

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Ice Lake Mendota

Ice, oh Wonderful Ice!

With this week’s find of the Endurance, polar explorer Ernest Shackleton’s very long-lost ship that sank in 1915, ice is on our mind. The location of the wreck, close to 10,000 deep, is one of the iciest on the planet....

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National Poetry Month is here!

Where do poetry and science intersect? Do they intersect at all? Consider the patterns in both poetry and science. Or consider how each discipline uses observations to make sense of the world. Certainly, both use their own techniques and require...

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Spring Outside

As the spring thaw begins in Wisconsin, the outdoors and our watery places beckon. For both kids and adults there is a strong urge to get outside and play. This urge also inspires narratives from writers on their own experiences...

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