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Hello readers!

I am Megan Nayar and I am the student education assistant for Wisconsin Sea Grant. Since winter is not giving up its grip this year, I found some reading suggestions to sustain you until the thaw comes and spring arrives. I have suggested readings for children and adults that explore life under the water and that amply the voices of Water Protectors, leaders that advocate for the sustainable conservation of our water resources. The books listed below can be read and discussed with friends and family! 

For children

For adults 

  • Winona LaDuke’s book called To Be A Water Protector tackles the history of water inequality of Indigenous peoples, specifically the Anishinaabekwe or Ojibwe community, and emulates sustainability principles and teachings. 
  • The next read is a paper written by Hampton et al., 2017 called “Ecology Under Lake Ice” which explores the unknown life navigating under the frozen tundra of 101 lakes. The research paper analyses different species levels including plankton, phytoplankton, and zooplankton. 

Do you have any favorite reads to share? Let us know – email